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Hey Mumma!

Hey Mumma!

I thought that as my first blog post I would introduce myself. The basics are I’m a mum, wife, business owner and a declutter coach. I am also a book lover, a swearer, a baker, an entertainer (bonfires are my favourite), party planner, a bubbles drinker, silly, fun, and one thing that surprises people the most is I am naturally MESSY!

Where did it all start? I was a stay at home mum for about seven years when fatigue hit, and when I say hit I mean sent me into a spiral of shit hell. My life became a continuous cycle of sleep, and tiredness, which is not good when you have a 2, 5 and 7 year old to look after. My day went like this, waking at 8am to get the two eldest kids off to school in a mad fury of chaos from being tired and disorganised. Home around 9.15am. Pop the telly on for miss 2, then nap on and off all day until school picks up at 3pm. I would then struggle to stay awake during the afternoon & evening while doing homework, getting dinner sorted and the bedtime routine. Oh and also just doing the bare minimum to keep the house afloat. As soon as the kids went down for bed I was right there with them, until it all started again the next morning.

I couldn’t function, my house was overwhelming and my to-do list was never ending. I went and saw a GP and finally got my fatigue under control but my life still felt overwhelming and out of control. I found myself no longer playing, reading, or entertaining because I just couldn’t get in front enough to ever feel like it was ok to stop. I recall one birthday my kids bought me a hammock. I was so excited, hubby took the kids off on an adventure so I grabbed a pillow, a great book and went to chill. I couldn’t, no matter how much I tried I couldn’t sit and enjoy the peace because my brain wouldn’t shut off the to-do list in my head the guilt was out of control. So I got up and kept pottering.

That night while lying in bed I thought to myself there has to be something I’m missing. I don’t want a perfect “Instagram” life but I would like a life. I started researching, I watched the Minimalists on Netflix and then proceeded to spend the next few months researching and trying to figure out the secret recipe. What I came up with was DECLUTTER. Unfortunately it wasn’t the easiest or the quickest recipe for me but I started. I then spent the next year going through every single space in my home and decluttered everything. The kids and hubby were a bit put off at first but once they saw how light I became they got on board.

My life changed from the second I started the sort. My to-do list got shorter every day. My cleaning, tidying, sorting, yelling, nagging all decreased (let’s be honest with three kids it will never go away but I’m happy with a huge decrease!). And the best part was? I could enjoy the hammock! I was able to play with the kids or stop off at the park on the way home, I could entertain at the drop of a hat, I could read, sing, dance and do all the things I had been missing out on because my to-do list was gone.

It took me a good 12-18 months to get through everything we owned because I was fumbling and would have to do some spaces 2-3 times before I felt comfortable. I am by no means a minimalist, as the kids have gotten older and are more helpful in the home the amount of items have increased, but I would definitely say I have a lot less in my home then a lot of people I know. I have no judgments, everyone’s home is different and some find my house a bit empty. But that’s my sweet spot. I’ve found the level of clutter my brain can handle. My house is messy at times, I mean like I said I’m naturally a messy person, and I have three kids, but like I always say if the Queen is coming to visit my house will be ship shape and organised (not just chucked into a cupboard somewhere to deal with in a year) in just a few short minutes. Everything in my home has a place, and we have such little stuff it can be sorted in no time at all.

Over the past five years, I have figured out how to declutter not only my home but also my calendar, friends, social expectations and so on. I have come to the conclusion that life is to be lived. Yes we all have to do stuff we don’t like, but I have tried to minimise the shit and only do what honestly has to be done. The rest of my head space, home, and calendar is made up of people and things I love.

So that’s me, that’s my journey to where I am now. I will try to post real life information to help you achieve the same results as me, give advice to save you the months of research I have had to do in the past.

If you want to see anything or ask questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

Big love!


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