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Where the fuck do I start?

AAAAAA GGGGHHHH I have too much, I don’t know where to start.

One step at a time.

  1. Start small. If you're limited for time each day I would suggest one shelf, one draw or one section at a time. If you go too big you either run out of time or you will run out of steam. Or the kids need you, or a work email comes in. How many of you have decided one morning to start decluttering your closet, then get distracted and when it's bedtime you head back to find your entire closet on your bed.

  2. Pick your one space, make it small to start with… and touch every item in it. Let’s say you're going to work on your sock/undie drawer. Pull one thing out at a time. Have a couple boxes/bags/baskets next to you labeled TOSS, DONATE & KEEP. Now just go one pair of knickers at a time. Don’t pull everything out and start with a giant pile, one pair at a time. If you pull them out and think omg my poor partner, or these always give me a wedgie, or i thought undies only were supposed to have three holes, toss them. If you pull them out and can’t recall the last time you wore the lacey g-string either commit to wearing it next week or toss it. Keep the undies you wear, that’s it. Not the ones you dream of wearing when you lose 50kilos the ones you wear now. All others can go. And repeat. Do this with all your socks, stockings, and whatever else you keep in that drawer.

  3. Now look at your keep pile. Will all of that fit in the space? Do you think you kept a few just in case because “I can’t only have one pair of undies left at the end of this task?” Get rid of any of the “I will keep these for a romantic day”, that secretly you know will never happen because you have kids and you’ll just wear the comfy undies anyway cause well…married. Put them in the donation or toss bags. Now put the keepers away. If they don’t fit, either pair down some more or make space by pairing down something else in the drawer.

  4. Now tie the bag of rubbish and donations up. Pop them straight in the bin or the car for donation. This is really important because you want to get rid of the excess asap. If not you will run out of undies this week and go digging and get right back to where you started from.

  5. Pour yourself a bevy and sit and look at your beautifully paired down knickers drawer and enjoy! Don’t worry about organising it perfectly or rolling your undies, and socks to impress your insta followers. If you're like me you would rather sit and chill then fold socks on your day off. I have a few ikea containers to keep my undies from my socks and other shit in there but that’s it. No folding, my undies are allowed to touch each other. The only reason I have the socks separated from my undies is to help find them easier. That’s it.

So one step at a time, small bite sized chunks. Don’t overthink it, don't worry about the whole house that needs to get done. Unless you're moving in two weeks you have time. It might be stressing you out, but going overboard and trying to do everything won't help the situation, it will just make it more chaotic.

Big love,


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