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Helpful Information

How long does it take?

Every space and every client I deal with is different.  Over the years some rooms can take three hours to declutter an some five days, this depends on what your looking for and how much we need to sort through.  Once we have had a chat at your free in home consult I will be able to give you more of an idea on time frame and costs involved.

Average times?

4-8 hours?  This amount of time can declutter an average size room. Generally items are placed back in the space, decluttered but not yet organised. 
8-12 hours?  This amount of time can declutter and organise an average size room.

What happens to all my stuff?

During our session, we will sort every item into three piles, KEEP, TOSS, DONATE, from there we will restock your storage solutions with your KEEP items, DONATE your unused items to your charity of choice, and TOSS your rubbish in the bin.  I can help arrange pick up and drop off of these items on the day. If it is a much bigger job we can organise a skip or trailer for the excess rubbish if required.  Like I said earlier I will help you make decisions I will never make you throw anything away.

Do I have to be here?

Yes & No.  If we are able to have a very thorough walk through and you are able to give very precise instructions no you do not need to be onsite.  However, I will leave a small amount of homework or require you for 20mins-30mins to go through a check list of items at the end of each session.  This is just to ensure we are on the same page and to sort through any items I may be unsure of.

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