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About Me

Vickie Cropp

Hi! Thank you for visiting my page to find out a little bit more about Fresh Start Organising.  I'm Vickie, mum, wife, friend and business owner.  AKA BUSY!! 


I was born in Kempsey and raised all over the place! I've moved 15 times in my life, a couple of overseas moves, boarding school in Toowoomba, Uni in Canberra and back "home" to raise our family.   This is where my decluttering journey began.  


I started my"organiser" journey in 2014 when I had a two, five, and six year old.  I was overwhelmed, tired, stressed and over my constant to-do list.  Even though I thought I lived minimally all my life, I realised the constant gifts, toys and hand me downs were overwhelming the space we had.  


I started decluttering my own space and it changed my life. I had time, I had patience and I had peace in my home again. I felt alive and wanted to share this new found freedom with everyone.  I now specialise in decluttering homes.  It's what I love, big space, small space, dirty, messy or clean, I love to help. 


I see the change in people; life is simplified, spirits are lifted, energy is returned, life is awesome.

About Me: Personal Statement
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