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Work With Me

Declutter Your Home

I am here to help you reclaim not only your home, but your social life, your sanity, your joy in life.

Do you:

  • Pull into the driveway most nights, wishing you were pulling into some other dream home? 

  • Do you feel angst in your belly about what is awaiting you on the other side of the door? 

  • Are you sick of missing out on life because no matter how much you clean, tidy or declutter you just can't get on top of it? 

  • Are you sick of spending your weekends saying no to fun because you have too much to do at home?  

I hear you...I have been there.  I understand the frustrations, the exhaustion, the absolute chaos that clutter can cause.  

Together we can find a way out of the mess


We can work in two ways, in person or virtually.  I have popped some short descriptions below outlining how both types of sessions work.  

Once your ready click on the link below to answer a few questions then we can pop on a FREE no obligation 15 min chat to see how I can help.  

Work With Me: Skills

3 Ways to work with me

Virtual Conference
Virtual Conference

Work with Me: Virtual Coaching

Virtual Sessions are great for those of you want to do the work themselves at your own pace.  You know the declutter needs to happen, but you have questions and need support along your journey

I can be your sounding board along the way. Help with those hard to answer questions, how much, how many, what should I keep and or let go? Did you know that the declutter process is about 80% metal work?  This is why working with an expert can help speed up the process and stop that "maybe" pile building up.  

During our sessions we can either work our way through a space and declutter together or I can just be a sounding board and an expert on the other end of the line. 

Done For You- In Person

In person sessions are great for you if you want it done when you get home.  I will be there doing the work for you, and you can head off (or stay in) and let me take charge.  These sessions are great if you have little time and just want the job done. 

I will come into your home, and after we have discussed your space, what you want to keep, what you want to let go, what overwhelms you, etc.  I get to work.  This can happen in one of two ways, you can work with me, or I can go at it alone while you work or play.  

How do I do a declutter while you're not at home?  Experience.  I have been doing this work for so long I am able to work through a zone quite quickly.  Don't worry every decision I make gets the tick of approval by you before anything leaves the home.  

Smiling Asian woman putting her clothes in a box
Online Socializing

Self Guided

Self guided courses are an exceptionally great way to declutter in your own time at your own pace.   You know the declutter needs to happen, but you just hit hurdles and don't know just where to go next or what to do with the stuff.

My e-courses are self paced, step by step guides to show you the exact process, and answer those hard to answer questions.  I have used my last seven years of client journeys to help create these courses. 


Using PDFs, Audio and video I have set out the exact process I use in everyone of my clients homes.  I answer the most commonly asked questions.  

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