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A majority of clients are scared to call.

What are they afraid of? Me? Talking on the Phone? The process? Starting? Or having someone in their home JUDGING? Or all of the above.

I have such a diverse range of clients and some have one of these fears, some have all of these fears but it's really rare to have a client to not have any of them. One of the hardest parts of my job is to calm my clients' fears.

Fear- Judgement

Firstly I definitely don’t bite, especially over the phone! After the initial call has been made that’s the first hurdle and the hardest for most of my clients. Once they start talking most can’t stop, you know why? Cause with all my experience I can honestly say i've seen it all. I've heard it all and touched and tossed and sorted it all. Nothing scares me and nothing worries me. I have kids and I have siblings and pets and family. I get it. I’ve been there. Life gets busy, work is insane, kids are exhausting and life is overwhelming. I can honestly say NONE of my clients are lazy. I don’t judge cause there is honestly nothing to judge. The people who call me want their space to change, they are fearful of judgement but I have never walked into a home and thought WTF? I have however thought OMG…I can not wait to get started.

Fear- Initial Call

What is going to happen? Who is going to answer? Will she make me throw everything away?

I’m going to answer the phone and say Hi! That’s it, then I’ll ask your story. What's going on? What are you stuck with? What's bothering you? That’s pretty much the conversation. Oh and I answer any questions you have. Simples!

Fear- The process

What do we have to do? Do we do it all in one day? Do I have to throw EVERYTHING away?

Basically the process goes like this. Initial contact, email or phone call (or text if you like) to organise an initial consultation. This is where I’ll come for a quick look, generally 10-15mins having a look around and seeing what you want help with. This gives me a chance to get some ideas of how to help and also gives you the opportunity to make sure I don’t bite! Next step is to book your session or sessions. What we do in our sessions is we go through your space very thoroughly. Yes we touch nearly everything in your space, then each and every item we decide whether we keep it, toss it or donate it. Then we put it all away. Sometimes we make a little mess to start with but after we are finished you will feel amazing! After we have finished the sort, toss, keep, donate phase and we have kept everything we want to keep then we figure out how and where to store it.

The main fear here for most of my clients is “are you going to make me throw everything out?” No, I never make you throw anything out. However I do keep referencing your goal, and ask by keeping these items are you going to get to your goal. If you decide you want to keep it, we just need to sort out how to store it, and keep it so it's accessible and orderly.

Do you suffer from fear of any of the above? Or something I haven’t mentioned? Pm me if you want to keep it private and I can see if I can help you through that fear!

Big love,


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