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Why is it so hard to declutter our closets?

Are you sick of your closet? Have nothing to wear for any occasion, and yet it’s overflowing with stuff you can't get rid of?

When a woman declutters her closet it's not just a pair of jeans, or a black top. It’s, the first time I saw him, or the first pair of skinny jeans I fit into after he was born. It was my first kiss, or our first date. They are little pieces of our lives. They mean something, they bring us joy, they bring us guilt, they bring us memories. Our clothing is like music, when you see it it brings back the feels.

This is why it's so hard for us to downsize our closet. Not because of the item but of the memories associated with that item, whether it's a good feeling or a bad feeling. We hold on to those jeans because it felt good the first time you slipped them on after busting your arse to lose the well…arse. Or we hold onto those jeans because we bought the wrong size, and now we give ourselves a little jab every time we see them because we wasted our money and we are STILL too fat.

When decluttering your wardrobe you're going to feel all of that. You're going to internally kick yourself, pat yourself on the back, and go awwww when you see the pants you met your partner in. This is why it's hard to downsize, your wardrobe is a time capsule of your life. Size changes, partner changes, job changes, family changes. There are emotions wrapped up into every single piece, so make sure you take the time and give yourself some grace while working through it.

With all of this emotion wrapped up in your closet it’s a hard one to tackle. You will really need to be in the right headspace and be really aligned with your goal. What do I mean? Make your goal for this space, pin it, write about it, dream it, think it, hang the dream in your closet. You will need to be aligned with your goal in order to jump over the hurdles these little pieces of memory warfare are going to throw at you.

Things to think about when creating your goal-

How do you want it to feel?

How do you want it to look?

How do you you want to feel every morning when you go to choose your outfit?

How do you want to feel when you look at every piece you have in there?

These are the things you will need to have set solid in your mind before you pull out the first piece. Spend some time focused on that goal, then proceed to the next steps of actually pulling the clothes out.

Next week we will tackle the next steps to get your closet sorted and discuss some of the roadblocks you may come across while sorting. Got any questions about this weeks blog? Head over to my socials to ask me a question.

Big love,


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