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Questions to ask when decluttering your closet.

Last post we focused on your mindset around your tiny little memory bombs...also known as your clothes. Now we need to start the process of decluttering them. As long as you have your goal set, and you really stick to keeping the dream alive the closet of your dreams is on its way.

My advice is not to rush. Just start by one hanging rack at a time, a drawer, a shelf. Just start. You can do one item a day, or 35, whatever feels comfortable to you and the time you have. Just start.

1. How does this make me feel?

Good- does it fit? Does it bring back a wonderful memory? I wore this the night I met him/her, I wore this the night he was born. Or Bad? I wore this when I was fat, I wore this that night he/she broke up with me. I broke my leg when I was wearing it. I spent so much money on it and never wore it.

Do you want to wake up in the morning and be surrounded by things that make you feel bad, guilty, sad? Do those feelings align with your goals? Or do you want to go to your closet and only get good vibes? Remember this is generally where you start and end your day….

2. Does it fit?

Obviously this is an easy one. It either fits or it doesn’t. But of course we make it into a yeah but…..Here is a solution, if you love it, it brings great vibes, and it currently fits, keep it. If it does all of the above but is a size too big or too small, put it to the side…for now. All else donate.

3. How much space am I working with?

We tend to try and fit 10 kilos of potatoes in a 2 kilo bag. It wouldn’t matter if everything in your closet was amazing with all the good vibes, if you’re short on space it would still feel like a negative, overwhelming shit zone you want to avoid like the plague.

Once all of the negative, wrong size clothes are out of the way, see what you have left. Will it fit? Can you put a pair of pants away one handed? Or do you have to scrunch, shove, pull everything out to find the pair your looking for? If that’s the case there is too much, it will never stay tidy and you wont wear everything because you wont be able to find it.

4. Does it align with my goals?

Look at your item, does it help create the dream you have mapped out? Does it add to the dream look of the closet or is it creating overwhelm, chaos and frustration? This is one of the last questions I want you to ask. I want you to put all like items together and decide if you really need 10 black t-shirts, or 25 pairs of jeans?

You may say, yeah but they are here and why declutter perfect stuff? Because its not aligned to your end goal. Because you want a perfectly functional useable space, and having excess is not going to help you achieve that.

How did you go? Feel better only being surrounded by items that have a positive feeling, fit well and are actually used? Or did you struggle on some items? Anything donated or passed on is enough to celebrate...just keep working at it, I promise it gets easier.


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