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How do i downsize my phone photos?

Digital Storage!

How gross is that giant number on your photo count is currently at......34,009! Shocking I know! Digital clutter along with my cars centre console are the two areas of chaos in my life!

But I'm taking the steps to get it under control! One of my friends spends one night a week going thru all the photos she took that week, deletes the doubles, the triples and the random shots her kids have taken.

I'm taking this and running with it! I don't have as many recent photos on my phone as I did when my kids were babies and super cute (when they slept!) and I no longer have a two year old in the house that takes 456 photos of his feet or the bugs. So what I am now doing on top of the weekly check in is the daily check in. What I do is after I've done the weekly photos I do a search of this day in time, and all the photos I've ever taken on that day come up. I go thru them and delete any I can get rid of, and label the ones I can be bothered to!

I hope this helps give you a, not so quick, but effective digital photo downsize plan. This can also work with emails....I'll get to my 4,374 unread emails in the next decade.

Much love,


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