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But it cost so much money!



That is one of the biggest excuses for not getting rid of an item.

News flash, the money is gone. If you look at your bank account today with the item in your house, and again tomorrow after you have moved the item on, your bank balance will be the same.

The item COST you money, it isn't still costing money but it is costing you your peace of mind, its costing space, its costing your time to manage it. Think about why you started on this journey of downsizing, is it adding to that? Will it give you freedom by holding onto it? Will it reduce stress? Will it reduce your work load?

Use this somewhat painful decision to learn from your mistakes, and don't do it again. But don't keep it due to the cost. Let it go, and let go of the guilt, holding onto it will only bring you more guilt and bad energy!

much love,


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