Fresh Start Organising

let me help you simplify your space and your life

Professional organiser mid north coast fresh start organsing nsw

Are you ready to enjoy your home again? 

Over the years you have given all your time and energy to kids, work, and family.   Now its your time, time to craft, time to read, time to work from home in your amazing home office.  Working with me, we will transform your home back to that warm, calm home you have been dreaming about. 

Yes, I really do want that easy to maintain home but, 

I don't have time...

You work long hours, but you want your home to feel inviting and functional for you.  You just don't want to spend your weekends knee deep in boxes and dust! 


In person sessions are perfect for you. Let's speed up this process, get it done in the most efficient and timely manner so you can actually enjoy your days off!  These sessions allow you to get your house feeling fresh and inviting, while you're at work!  

I am so overwhelmed...

You know you need to declutter, but every time you go to start you get overwhelmed, frustrated and end up throwing your hands in the air.


Virtual sessions will be perfect to give you the guidance you need when you hit those roadblocks. Sentimental items? Linen? How much, what and why?? Let's get that craft room, yoga retreat or home library sorted. 

professional organiser mid north coast nsw fresh start organising

I just want it done..

You are busy enjoying life.  You are working, playing, socialising, you know you need to declutter, you just don't want to stop and do it! 

In person sessions are perfect for you. These sessions will get your house feeling warm and inviting so you can start enjoying your home with friends and family without the worry of them opening the spare room door! 

Peter Walsh

"Your home should be the antidote to stress, not the cause of it."